We all loved the Sims Series very much but today let’s look at the things that made Sims 2 perfect and we don’t have them in the latest versions.


In Sims 2 we can rent an apartment for our Sims (there is no compulsion to buy the property),which made it look more realistic and relatable.


In Sims 4 we can have only a couple of traits for each sim which not relatable at all but in Sims 2 we have the option to select the level of each trait.


In Sims 2 , we had an option to choose our Sim’s turn ons for our upcoming relationships.


Sims 2 had some real challenges instead of just focusing on the basic need of the sims. I personally feel that in Sims 4 we don’t get much time for other leisure activities bcoz of fulfilling the basic needs of our Sims.


Sims 2 had a huge variety of community lots to visit which is quite interesting and fun.


Getting a newspaper everyday on our doorstep is quite realistic on its own but other facilities like job search and property search is very good.

  • TAXI

Action to call a Taxi or cab wherever we want via a phone call is perfect way to travel from one place to another. One more thing to notice is that whenever we move a sim to a new property it comes in a taxi that is super real.


One more things in Sims 2 which makes it very realistic is the duration of each date , whether we spend a very nice or very bad time with our date this will affect the duration of the date.


Sims 2 is much more than just making money via jobs(we can’t even control them in their work time) or fulfilling all the basic needs. It gives us an option to start our very own business and it is fun.

  • CARS

In Sims 2 we can have cars as well!! It is upto us whether we want to keep it or sell for a good amount of money.

These are the features that we really loved in Sims 2 and very much misses in Sims 4. Let’s hope that EA will launch one more spectacular simulation game of the Sims series.

Thank you!

Life of a self confessed technophilic teen

Technology is becoming a huge part of our lives but let’s look at the daily routine of a technophile.

Being an eighteen years old college going girl, this is Christmas time and I am very much enjoying my vacations.I wake up at 9:30 ish. The first thing I do after waking up wishing “good morning” to my virtual assistant (Google assistant) ,it instantly give an overview of my totally free day , weather conditions and some news. After that I check ALL of my social media accounts to get jealous with people on a vacation or doing some crazy stuff, after an hour of mental torture(by myself) I sigh as I go to freshen up. Clock turns twelve as I finish my breakfast and some cleaning of the house. After this again I use my dear phone to read some blogs and page 3 gossip , pretty cool huh? Now it’s time to take the hardest decision off my life whether to take a bath or not but it’s best to skip this part (if you know what I mean) .Now it’s 2 O’clock and I am done with all the “work” and my lunch as well, let’s start the game now. Wait , I am taking about the real game here , then, I spend 3-4 hours on my laptop killing those bad boys or loving those bad daddys. And now it’s time to do some real work. So this is the time to pay bills,shop online or writing blogs via my phone or laptop with background music on (to get the real vibe), and it’s dinner time (being a foodie -one of my favourite times). And then I “hit the like button” on YouTube (on my SmartTV) for two hours. I usually start with some vines or DIY videos and end up on some weird MVs (with Vietnam subs).Moving on to my night routine I reply to all of my messages with Ok or Thank you #IntrovertThings and again kill an hour to watch others dancing on the beach or making some stupid TikTok videos. Finally , I say “Ok Google, Good Night” and sleep peacefully.

I wish my everyday could be so Goooood.

P.S. – I edited all the part where my mom scolds me.

All you need to know about PUBG MOBILE…

PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGround )Mobile is the fastest growing survival game of all times.

This article will help every newbie or say ‘noob’ to enhance their gameplay and give a hard time to all ‘pros’.

  • Learn about all the weapons and attachments

Try all the guns instead of making any gun your favourite before figuring out about others. Know their damage points and recoil(unstability of targeting in continuous attack).Try to figure out all the pros and cons of each attachments as well.

  • Play attacking not defensive

In the beginning instead of focusing on the survival time try to focus more upon your kills and damage. Try to land on hot spots like ‘pochinki’ and ‘school’ to make your gameplay even better.

  • Don’t save resources USE them

Don’t save resources like medicines and fuel cans,because you never know for how much time you are gonna be alive. Use all the resources on correct time because hopefully you’ll find more of them.

  • Don’t change the server

If you want to level up faster and show off your achievements and badges to everyone then don’t change the server (Asia/North America) , because your wins and achievements would get distributed and you’ll not get the expected results.

I think we’ll pack up now but one last tip for all of you is…

BONUS TIP : Boost up your health by using all the medicines in the last circle, which helps you to take more damage and run faster.

Now you have the right knowledge to be a pro so why not go and kill those noobs.